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You’ve started your journey to becoming an aeroplane pilot but where do you go next? 

CATS Aviation has been training pilots since 2002 and has helped many thousands of pilots realise their dreams.

Whether you need anything from a CB-IR theory course, to an Integrated ATPL course or you just want to join one of our modular pathways that lead directly to an airline job, our team can help and advise you. 



You know recreational flight begins with a private pilot license and from here, the world is your oyster. 

We have the PPL course plans you need, so you can focus on the flying.



The excitement of the jet-setting career beckons but there's training to be done first.

CATS unique ATPL and CPL course options can get you there.

So where do you want to take your dream? It could be taking the family with you, working for a large oil company or as part of an air ambulance crew.

Whatever your dream, CATS Aviation has been training all types of pilots since 2002 and has now helped many thousands of pilots realise those dreams.

Select your route below:



The passion for helicopter flying is taking you somewhere.

We can guide you through your Helicopter PPL journey.



A career is calling and your training is getting more in-depth.

CATS can provide the CPL/ATPL courses you need to help you reach your goal.

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