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9 Exams (In House)

The PPL theoretical knowledge course is the first course a pilot needs to complete. Using our course, you can do all your study online and come to our training centre in Luton for the exams. This has been designed by CATS and approved by the CAA so a student can get the theory completed first before going to a flight school for the 45 hour flying course.


7 Exams

The Instrument Rating (IR) is the theoretical knowledge training course that allows a PPL (with at least 50 hours cross country flight as pilot in command) or CPL holder to take the IR flight test, this course is normally taken by pilots who want to be able to improve the safety of their flying, often aircraft owners.


13 Exams

The CPL licence is approximately 60% of the workload of the ATPL course and once the exams have been successfully completed the student is able to take the CPL flight test (150 hours flight time required pre CPL flight course).

Most CPL students plan on becoming a flight instructor with no plans on becoming an airline pilot. It can also be used for things like crop-dusting or glider towing. It is the minimum qualification you need if you want to be paid for your flying.


14 Exams

The ATPL is the highest level of aircraft pilots licence, this is the licence required if you want to be in command of an aircraft over 5700kg or with over 9 passenger seats. This is the course needed if you are planning a career as an airline pilot or as an instructor who wants to gain the CPL and add the Instrument Rating (IR) to it within 36 months without sitting the IR Theory exams separately.


1 Exam (In-House)

This course, known as the HPA, is for pilots wanting to operate a single pilot high performance non-complex airplane. This allows you to start a type rating for this type without completing the ATPL or IR. To apply for this course you need 200 hours total time including 70 hours Pilot in Command.

Those needing to fly a single pilot high performance complex airplane, must complete the HPA theoretical knowledge course and, in addition, have a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.

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