Exclusive ATPL Full Time In-House Course

The CATS full time in-house course is a unique opportunity to complete the 14 EASA ATPL theoretical knowledge exams in only five months at our Luton HQ.

The course is run Monday to Friday, 09:30 - 17:30. Students are expected to attend every lecture as well as complete tasks such as progress tests in home study. Tried and tested over 10 years, the CATS 3-stage system is the perfect balance for students.

Students take an on-line questionaire that allows us to work out the students starting ability so we can ensure they make it to the expected standard required by airlines, this is done with 121 coaching as well as group exercises etc.

To enhance learning, numerous field trips are made, as well as social trips to encourage team building. We invite all potential students to visit and talk with current students and staff, so you can be completely comfortable with this important next step in your career.

Course Requirements

You must hold an ICAO PPL Licence.

There are 14 subjects covered, grouped as follows:

Stage 1 (6 weeks)

Human Performance & Limitations
Air Law & ATC Procedures
Operational Procedures
VFR Communications
IFR Communications

Stage 2 (8 Weeks)

Principles of Flight
Flight Planning
General Navigation
Mass & Balance

Stage 3 (6 Weeks)

Aircraft General Knowledge
Radio Navigation

Course Media

The In-House courses include a feature-rich online web-based training system and offline iPad Application.


Course Pricing

ATPL Full Time

ATPL In-House Groundschool Dates

ATPL In-House
Stage 2
Mon, 10th Jun 2019 - Fri, 2nd Aug 2019
CATS Luton
ATPL In-House
Stage 3
Mon, 12th Aug 2019 - Fri, 20th Sep 2019
CATS Luton
ATPL In-House
Stage 1
Mon, 14th Oct 2019 - Fri, 22nd Nov 2019
CATS Luton

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Luton, LU2 8DL
+44 (0) 1582 434 222