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A New theoretical knowledge Syllabus will be implemented by CATS from 1st August 2020 and independently the UK CAA will offer New exams ECQB2020 from that date.

Existing students and any students who enrol with CATS up until 31st July 2020 will be on the existing Old Syllabus and the existing Old Syllabus will have exams available in parallel utilising ECQB06.

From the 1st January 2021 candidates will not be able to book ECQB06 for their first attempt, but ECQB06 will remain available in parallel with ECQB2020 until the end of June 2022 for candidates who have already started the series.

The advice from CATS is if you wish to remain with a familiar Old Syllabus and to take ECQB06 exams then enrol with CATS before the 31st July 2020 cut-off date.

On another point nothing has changed with respect to further news from CATS that the UK CAA still have suspended exams in all UK and European venues until the 15th May 2020.

At this time there is no further update on when the UK CAA we will be resuming testing, but the advice is that the UK CAA like us are closely monitoring Governmental guidance at all locations and are actively developing ‘return to service’ plans and processes including how to clear any backlog as effectively as practicable.  When they are confident that it is safe for both candidates and invigilators and that they can remain within the required Authority directions, they will assess all venues for their suitability to recommence examinations by mutual agreement with the venue operator.

Dr Stuart E. Smith CATS


30 Apr

Advice for all UK CAA examination candidates

All UK CAA Exam sessions will be cancelled up to and including 15 May 2020. 
Any booked candidates will receive an automated notification of cancellation and monies will be returned to their respective accounts.
Exam sessions from 18 May 2020 onwards remain scheduled, however further cancellations may be required in response to any extension or furthering of restrictions. Such cancellations will be at the sole discretion of the CAA.

Dr Stuart E. SmithHead of Training

20 Apr

Currently Austro Control exams are planned for 11/12th June 2020 in Luton.

Due to an extension of the UK lockdown the 7th / 8th May Austro control exams at Luton are cancelled.

The next available exam date is 11th/12th June 2020.

Austro Control have confirmed with CATS that the exams will be video-monitored should they proceed in the Luton exam centre at CATS.
The system was set up in March 2020 in preparation for such an event.
It should be noted that these exams could be cancelled as matters in the UK unfold regarding the UK government restrictions on travel.
As such please note that bookings  for exams should be made with this in mind.
Refunds are subject to a modest 2 euro per exam fee.
Alternatively bookings may be held on the system for a later date.

Further updates will be posted as they become available on the News section of the CATS website and on our social media sites - Dr Stuart E. Smith.

20 Apr

Stage 3 Distance Learning Brush-Up Ground School commences 0930 h Tuesday 21st April 2020 - 1700 h to Friday 24th April 2020 online via CAA-APPROVED video-link by CATS TV

This is for all existing students of CATS and all CATS satellites
This WILL count as your approved mandatory residential portion of your course
email CATS to request attendance - Dr Stuart E. Smith Head of Training

17 Apr

UK CAA approves CATS TV !

Following discussions with the UK CAA CATS has today been approved to conduct distance learning and in-house courses via CATS TV video-linking.
These will benefit all our partners and satellites and students with immediate effect.
Increased programming schedules are now being planned – more updates to follow – Dr Stuart E.Smith

03 Apr

UK CAA on Corona Crisis

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has announced, that all sessions up to the 4th of May will be cancelled. Updates will be posted to their dedicated COVID-19 page shortly.

You may find the page following this link: UK CAA COVID-19 page.

25 Mar

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