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ATPL EASA Theoretical Knowledge Course

There are 14 subjects to pass at EASA level. Each stage is comprised of approximately 3 months of Distance Learning (average study time 15 hours per week), accompanied with web based training. A 4-day Ground School is at the end of each Stage (which comprises subject overviews and exam preparation) at our Training Centres just prior to sitting each stage of EASA exams at a CAA examination centre (CATS Luton HQ, Gatwick, Leicester or Oxford).

Heli students undertake Full Heli courses; this is only available via Distance Learning at Luton. UK Military Personnel - we are ELCAS approved.

Course Requirements

You must hold an ICAO PPL Licence.

There are 14 subjects covered, grouped as follows:

Stage 1 (Operational)

Human Performance & Limitations
Air Law & ATC Procedures
Operational Procedures
VFR Communications
IFR Communications

Stage 2 (Navigational)

Principles of Flight
Flight Planning
General Navigation
Mass & Balance

Stage 3 (Technical)

Aircraft General Knowledge
Radio Navigation

Course Media

A feature-rich online web-based training system and offline iPad Application are included in all course packages. Full-colour printed text books are an optional extra.


Course Pricing


Single Stage from £699.00

ATPL Distance Learning Groundschool Dates

ATPL Brush Up
Stage 3
Tue, 28th Mar 2017 - Fri, 31st Mar 2017
CATS Luton
ATPL Brush Up
Stage 1
Tue, 2nd May 2017 - Fri, 5th May 2017
CATS Luton
ATPL Brush Up
Stage 1
Tue, 16th May 2017 - Fri, 19th May 2017
CATS Gatwick
ATPL Brush Up
Stage 2
Tue, 30th May 2017 - Fri, 2nd Jun 2017
CATS Luton
ATPL Brush Up
Stage 3
Tue, 27th Jun 2017 - Fri, 30th Jun 2017
CATS Luton

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